Thursday, 23 January 2014


Malawi is a friendly country.  It's also very green at the moment, as it is the rainy season.

I am staying in a suburban area, which has tarmac roads with wide green verges, mowed so you can walk easily.  The houses have a wide variety of trees in their gardens.  Unfamiliar trees with twisting trunks and feathery leaves.  Huge succulents, giant versions of the ones you can cultivate in the UK, make jagged shapes along some of the walls.  People amble along, some cruise past on bicycles with bundles loosely tied on the back.

The town centre is a hustling, bustling place.  Market stalls, with brightly patterned fabric strewn across them, line the street.  Cars and vans hoot each other and jostle for position on the road.  Some of the broken pavement is covered with wood carvings.  Behind the brick built buildings are avenues of shanty shops, lopsided canopies and tired, plastic chairs.

The weather is clammy.  It starts of pleasantly warm, like a beautiful summer day.  Then it builds in humidity
 until the sweat is running off your forehead and your glasses steam up.  It holds this point until finally, after hours, it cracks and the rain starts.  Lightning flashes across the horizon and there is a blissful draft, and you feel cool again.

Wonderfully cool.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful reading about your stay/Eva

444rand said...

Last paragraph first sentence "of" should be "off" and the end of that sentence could be a comma instead of a period continuing with "then".

Your happiness is contagious!