Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dancing with Bats

Yesterday I found myself outside in the early evening with some friends.

One had a mobile phone with good speakers, and was playing some music. He started to dance, and one by one, we all got up to join in, waving our arms around generally jigging happily.

Some bats live under the eaves of the house, and they started to dive out, just swooping below head height.  They flashed between us, and sometimes at us, changing course at the last millisecond to avoid collision. It was quite odd, but also quite 'funky' to dance with the blue bats.

The wildlife here in Malawi is astonishing.  Brilliantly coloured birds, with bright scarlet plumes and frogs that look like they would be better suited to life on Mars, with their 'melted alien' faces.  Today I also saw a chameleon, making dainty progress across some plants in a field.

I also saw a maternity unit in a rural village, and met some of the one day old babies - they were very beautiful.

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