Monday, 7 July 2014

Been a Long Time....

Life has been a bit hectic since I got back from Malawi.  I have been job hunting, which is almost like having a job in itself.  As is the way with these things, after applying for tens of jobs (I can do an application form in around 40 minutes now), the job I finally got is the one I already have.  I was offered a position working in a different borough, but realised I really, really didn't want to leave my current workplace, as it does feel like a second home.  Everyone is so friendly, and it is a very good employer.  When my colleague said she was handing in her notice, I realised I had an opportunity to stay, so grabbed it with both hands.  The only problem is, it is part time, so I will be filling in more of those pesky forms again to find something to 'wrap around' it.  I will be earning enough to pay the bills, but not to have too much fun, so I am very inspired to find something else for the fun money.

I have also bought a car.  It only cost £200 from a friend, so I am enjoying having wheels again.  You can get so much done with a car.  Runs to the dump, stocking up the kitchen cupboards and going places the buses and trains don't reach.  A big surprise has been how I have got used to commuting to work on the bus and train, and even though I could now drive, I still rattle around with the morning crush.  I can read and watch the world go by and not have to worry about parking (worrying about parking is in my genes).  There is something soothing about the rhythm of the morning journey that gets me in the right frame of mind for work.

I am still missing the friends I made abroad, and every so often a little flashback of some wonderful moment catches me unawares.  Today I was playing my piano and remembered playing the grand piano in the hall in the middle of the redwood forest.  Sometimes I have to almost pinch myself to remember it was actually true, it wasn't all a dream.  One of the odd things to think is that everywhere I have been is still there, carrying on without me.  I suppose everywhere we have all ever been is still there, ticking along.  It makes your head feel funny if you think about it too much.