Friday, 30 March 2012

Meeting myself coming the other way........

I am now settled into my temporary home, while I wait to move again, this happens to be in the town I grew up in. It makes things a bit weird. Around every corner there seems to be a memory waiting to re-ignite; the road where I rode on the back of my mate's bicycle, legs sticking out sideways, while she peddalled hard to get us both to wherever we were going; the site of the old chip shop where another friend worked and had to wear a headscarf so she didn't smell of chip fat when she got home; the house I grew up in, looking as austere and unwelcoming as ever it did; the Indian restaurant, where as a five year old, I would order chips, Cocoa Cola and ice cream to avoid eating that funny food that made my mouth hurt.

Paradoxically things that have changed stand out, as do the things that have stayed the same.

Through all this I can feel my brain trying to rewire the hard wiring of old memories.

At times it is like I'm meeting myself coming the other way.