Monday, 3 March 2014

Monkey Bay

Wow, what a weekend.

I went to Monkey Bay, towards the southern tip of Lake Malawi.  A very beautiful place, so beautiful, it looks hyper-real in my photo:

My host was the best host in the universe.  I felt like I was staying in the ultimate five star hotel, only it was nicer.  My bedroom had a large balcony overlooking the lake, and at night I could hear the occasional hippo making that low pitched, voluptuous belching noise hippos do.

Even though I was assured 'crocodiles haven't been seen since 2012', after last weekend, I decided against a swim.  When I stood at the edge of the sand looking out, I could almost feel marble sized eyes checking me out.

The garden was a model of perma culture excellence, and as a result, all the food I ate over the weekend was organically grown, fresh from the plant and displayed with a daintiness that made it even more delicious.  Breakfast included, amongst other things, a fruit salad made with dragon fruit, home made muesli, traditional curds and home made bread.  Lunch was home made hummus, bread, peanut butter, salad and the most amazing smoked fish pate, the taste of which I will remember forever.  The fish had come fresh from the lake.  I could write about the food for ages, but will not torture you further....

The sun rose around 5am, so this morning I was up early with my camera to catch the view looking towards Mozambique:
Walking round the bay it was wonderful to see the fisherman silently going out in their dugout canoes, the swifts darting low over the water for the mosquitos, and to see the local children playing in the water.

The house I was staying in (the beach photos were taken from the bottom of the garden)

On the way back, we drove across the Dedza mountain range which gave fabulous views from the top, of the rift valley and the lake sweeping away into the distance.

I am constantly bowled over on my adventure by the extreme kindness and generosity of strangers.

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