Monday, 24 March 2014

Big Ones

My roomie is into recycling, so one of our weekly jaunts is to collect used bottles from local bars.  Last week, Ny was emptying a cardboard box into the back of the truck and started screaming as she flung a bottle at a time into the back.

Ny is a hardy soul, and isn't freaked out by much, so I was rather concerned. There were quite a few OMGs coming from her.  When I asked what was up, she said, 'they're - very - big' as another bottle went flying.  I looked at the cardboard box she had been carrying and a long pair of antennae wobbled into view over the edge.  Then another three pairs.  Then the biggest cockroaches I have ever seen in my life started to emerge.

I told Ny to throw the box on the ground and pick up the bottles once they rolled out.  Bottles went rolling across the tarmac car park followed by the Armada of insects.

They were strangely beautiful.  They were a deep, polished red and segmented like a lobster.  Their antennae wibbled as they zig zagged in confusion.  I watched them from the 4x4, my feet safely tucked up on the running board.  This was lucky as a couple decided to run underneath me.  Each one wouldn't have left much skin visible if you held it in the palm of your hand.

One of the local men had been alerted by the screaming and the rattle of bottles flying, and came over and started trying to stamp on one of the cockroaches.  He picked the really, really big one, that looked like it was towing a trailer (I think it might have been a  pregnant female).   It took him a few goes, while the cockroach started moving like a bumper car on speed.  I felt a bit sad when his foot landed and squelched the poor creature.

Well, sad but relieved I suppose.

We had to check the bottles really carefully before bringing them into our accommodation, I really didn't want to step on one of those in bare feet.

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