Friday, 3 October 2014

Been an Even Longer Time

I've just watched a film about Einstein's big idea and am now wondering what I can do to add to the sum total of the universe.  

It's all a bit confusing though. Albert Einstein and Lise Meitner's were both pacifists, and yet their work enabled the world to have the atomic bomb. 

How did that happen? 

Maybe not having big ideas is a good thing?   

I'm still struggling with the fact I'm made up of star dust and any little part of me could blow up a small country, given the right conditions......  

I'm also struggling to imagine riding a sunbeam with a mirror in my hand, and becoming invisible when I reach the speed of light.

And time slowing down the faster you go?  If I'm on the end of my sunbeam, does everything stop?

My brain is overheating.

I think I'll settle for a copy of 'Hello' magazine and a cup of tea instead.  Much safer.

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