Sunday, 9 February 2014

Partying in a Game Park

It's been an amazing weekend.  I went to a party in a game park near Lake Malawi.

When I arrived, I thought the organisers had put special lighting effects in the grass below the decking, but it was fireflies.  The intermittent glow from different places beats anything I have ever seen anyone do with electric effects.  It was mesmerising to watch.

The party was fantastic, but waking up in the morning to see the zebra and an ostrich in front of my chalet was magical.  Less magical was walking back to the main gate through the baboons - especially as we were carrying a food bag.  It made me appreciate the bars in zoos for the first time.

 Baboon patrol
Outside the door to my chalet this morning...


Eva said...

Thank you. Lovely pictures. Eva

Hilsbils said...

Thank you!